Star IT - Wolverine

219 kr
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Färg: Orange
Vikt: 173-175

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Speed 7 / Glide 6 / Turn -2 / Fade 1

This year’s Halloween Special Releases will rattle your chains and your bones. Our limited-run Glow DX Pumpkin Rocs and Glow DX Pumpkin Aviars have a ghastly glow and sinister stamp sure to scare some strokes off of your rounds.

IT is perfect for lacing lines through the woods, laying down rollers in the field, and getting big distance at lower arm speeds.

The Innova IT was developed to go straight and far, effortlessly. With ITs gentle turn and unmatched glide, tightly wooded fairways feel open and attackable. When another Fairway Driver would fade and drop, IT holds on the line of release and carries. Great for standstill and low ceiling shots that still need to get distance. IT also makes an exceptional roller disc, even when new.