Seti Soft M1.0 - Prototype

179 kr
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Speed 2 / Glide 3 / Turn 0 / Fade 3

Holy Smoke, or like we say in Sweden, 'helig rök'! This putt ’n’ approach is a dream come true. A trusty companion that won’t fail you – the M1.0 is a stable putter that defies the winds and shoots straight as an arrow with minimal glide. Moreover, with a sleek embossment along its rim, it ensures a snug fit for your thumb with every throw. With this disc in your arsenal, your confidence will skyrocket to stratospheric levels.

The M1.0 comes in two types of plastic – either soft and grippy, or stiff and grippy plastic. No matter your preference, this disc has you covered, ready to tackle any windy condition that comes your way.

The lab rats at TEFAT have gone above and beyond squeezing the creative juice out of themselves to craft this stable putter ’n’ approach disc exactly to their ideal specifications. After two years in the making, it finally ticked all the boxes and helped us hit chain after chain after chain after … —well, you get the picture. The M1.0 is an otherworldly treat for any true disc fanatic and comes in a big variation of colors, making each disc unique.

Developed for:
• Every disc golf player old or young, noob, pro or extra terrestrial.