K1 Vass - Nordic Halloween Edition 2023

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Nordic Halloween Edition är en mycket limiterad upplaga av K1 Vass och K1 Stig som tryckts till Halloween. Det finns 40st Vass & 60st Stig, fler kommer inte att göras. Vass kommer i orange med svart tryck och Stig i gul med lila tryck. 

Nordic Halloween Edition is a very limited run of K1 Vass and K1 Stig that is made for this years Halloween. 40 Vass and 60 Stig has been made, no more will be produced. Vass is made in orange with black stamp and Stig in Yellow with magneta stamp.

Speed 12 / Glide 5 / Turn -1.5 / Fade 2

The Vass shares the DNA of the Grym. It is a disc made to ride the tailwind in a smooth S-line, and it will end its flight with a short fade. Vass is Swedish for sharp and the Common reed.