Gehrisch K1 Falk (OBS max 2 per kund)

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Speed 9 / Glide 6 / Turn -2 / Fade 1

Gehrisch edition:
This disc was made to help Johan Gehrisch raise funds to compete and travel to play and grow the sport of discgolf. The stamp is a peregrine falcon that Johan and his dad used to take pictures of when they visit San Diego. The peregrine falcon has pinpoint accuracy when hunting its pray, just like the K1 Falk has thrue the fairways at the course. 

This versatile fairway driver fits the skills and power of a wide range of players. With a comfortable grip and a rim width at 19 mm the Falk suits most hands and styles. Falk is Swedish for falcon.

Suitable for: Glidey tailwind shots, long anhyzer lines and hyzer-flip drives.