Birdie "Discgolf brädspel"

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The best disc golf board game gets even better.

    As one of the players to step on to the Maple Hill Golds, you have the talent it takes. Improve your skills, get more karma, or a combination of both, and prepare for one of the most challenging disc golf courses on the planet.

    On each throw, you decide your level of risk vs reward, what skills to enhance, react to karma that comes your way and throw your shot.

    Base Game

    • 2 game boards (2 sided, 9 holes per board)
    • 6 wooden marker discs
    • 18 Player Cards
    • 12 Distance Chips
    • 170 Karma Cards
    • 117 Skill Chips
    • Dice (Three 20-sided, Six 6-sided)
    • Score Cards
    • Instruction Booklet
    • 24 Go For It/Safe Shot Chips