Barku Disc Golf Shoe

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BARKU disc golf
shoes are stacked with innovation, created for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts and with a beating heart for disc golf. The shoe comes in two diffrent models D1 & D2, which got the same performing characteristicts, except the D2 beeing water proof. The shoe has a special sole which will make you feel comfortable in all phases of the game. It will provide the grip you need to trust your shots in both wet and dry conditions. 

» The unique eight-shaped pattern with hexagonal cleats will give you grip when planting but allow for a smooth rotation during your throw.  
» The shoe has a low drop profile with medium cushioning. 
» The side walls of the sole are chamfered to support the motions during a throw.

» A unique constructed midsole in the heel for stability.
» Reinforced lacing of the shoe around the arch of your foot.
» Sideways reinforced heel counter.

» Reinforced toes protection for toe draging. 
» The upper part of the shoe is made in Super Fabric © - a ceramic reinforced material developed for the American military.

BARKU disc golf shoes are light - the D1 only weights 255g in size 41.
D2 weights 290g in size 41. 

BARKU disc golf shoes has a normal wide fit with a spacious toe box. The shoe will give you a comfortable fealing all day, both when throwing and walking.